An Open Space made for Hosting

The owner of this Birmingham house approached us after securing permission for a rear extension to his house. The large extension was meant to host a large open plan Lounge/kitchen/dining area which would open to the back yard.




While giving the designer a blank canvas to start from, the homeowners were very keen to incorporate one design idea into the mix – a sunken, 1970’s style lounge area.



We positioned the kitchen on the right side of the entrance door with floor to ceiling cabinets along the entire length of the wall and a large island parallel to it with a sink, a large hob and a comfortable bar-style breakfast bar.


The dining table was placed in parallel to the large folding doors leading to the back yard.



On the left of the entrance door, we located the sunken lounge seating area and designed a low furniture piece that functions both as the back of the lounge and as a space divider.

We place a large square skylight above the lounge to brings plenty of natural light in addition to the light coming from the garden doors.