Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Re-connect 2 units
Open Plan
180m2 / 1937f2
Rothenburg, Germany

Reconnecting separate units was a great way to make the most out of our client’s new purchase House in Rottenberg, Germany.

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Our clients’ house was split into 2 apartments. They planned to convert it to a home they can retire in and asked us to help them convert it into one single house with a living area downstairs and a sleeping area upstairs.
With a large space on the ground floor, we created an open living & eating area as well a room for an office or guest room.
The client wanted to convert the large ground-floor, which already included a bathroom, kitchen, entrance, hallway and 3 additional rooms, into an open space with living and eating area and leave room for an office or guest room.
They also wished to add a patio door that would lead out to the garden…
Having had a clear picture of what they wanted, the client created a few mockups… but asked they decided to keep them in the drawer and see what fresh ideas we could come up with.

Our designer, Kristell created a spacious open plan space with a built-in closet at the entrance for storing coats and shoes.
In the bathroom, Kristell suggested building a niche along the left wall to allow for a wall-hung WC with concealed cistern, a wall-hung basin with flush cabinet/mirror, and a walk-in shower with a shampoo niche flush with the wall.
The built-in wardrobe in the guest room has a desk so that space can double up an office.
Finally, the Living / Kitchen / Dining open-space was opened up and the kitchen area was increased considerably as it originally lacked counter space.
An island/ breakfast bar was added and a door was added to open the living room to the patio with a set of sliding doors.
The client loved Kristell’s proposed layout and used her initial sketch to consult a local structural engineer on site.


Hurworth Road, Darlington

Wrap around, double extension
Open Plan, Play area, Outside hosting space, 
Home office, Increase storage space,
Increase natural light
255m2 / 2744f2
London, United Kingdom

Having recently secured this dated victorian 3-storey terrace property in north london, our client was keen to make full use of the sizeable plot. 


With ambitious goals, we were given a free hand to use the plot to its’ potential and create a dream home for the client and his family. After locking down the size and location of the double back and wrap around extension, we created a separate home office unit at the back of the garden.

By using large windows and a skylights, we’ve made sure that there was ample natural light. Converting the attic and basement into a living spaces, we’ve made full use of every square meter. We also removed the wall separating the front two rooms on the ground floor and created a light and airy open-plan space that also encourages more interaction. Purpose built storage space was spread generously around the house as well as some personal touches chosen by the client such as a Turkish hammam style bath and a sociable cooking style kitchen area which allows for socialising the food being prepared.

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