Oldfield Close, Harrow

Rear extension
Loft extension
Open Plan, home office
increase storage
increase natural light
250m2 / 2690f2
Greater London, United Kingdom

Our client had a clear vision for their home transformation, involving an extension, an open-plan space, and a loft conversion, with emphasis on increasing storage space and natural light.
Our design team embraced this exciting challenge, prioritizing the client's preferences and collaborating closely with them throughout the process.

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o begin, we utilized the client's approved plans for a small ground floor extension, which involved squaring off the rear wall. This extension allowed us to create an open-plan space that seamlessly connected the existing areas, enhancing the flow and functionality of the home. We integrated the unique design feature of a triple height hallway, extending from the ground floor all the way up to the loft. This architectural element not only adds a sense of grandeur but also facilitates the flow of natural light throughout the entire home.

One of the primary objectives was to maximize the available space and optimize storage solutions. Our team expertly designed and implemented innovative storage solutions that catered to the specific needs of the client. From built-in cabinets and shelves to cleverly concealed storage areas, we ensured that every inch of the home was utilized efficiently while maintaining a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

We also focused on increasing the amount of natural light in the home. By strategically placing windows, skylights, and glass doors, we capitalized on the property's potential to invite an abundance of natural light. This not only enhances the overall ambiance but also creates a more inviting and uplifting atmosphere for the client and their family.

Throughout the project, collaboration with the client was paramount. We actively sought their feedback and input, ensuring that the design reflected their unique style and preferences. Our team's expertise and creativity allowed us to propose alternative suggestions that aligned with the client's needs while maintaining a practical and functional space. Their vision was our guiding principle, and we took great care to incorporate their ideas and desires into the final design.

In terms of practicality, we addressed the client's need for additional bathrooms and toilets. The addition of three new bathrooms ensures convenience and comfort for the family and any guests they may have. We carefully considered the layout and positioning of each bathroom to optimize space and maintain a cohesive design.

Furthermore, we created a dedicated home office that caters to the client's work requirements. This space was carefully designed to promote productivity and creativity, incorporating ergonomic features and ample natural light. The home office provides a retreat-like environment where the client can focus on their professional endeavors while enjoying a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere.

The relocation of the staircase to the most ideal location was another significant aspect of the project. We meticulously planned and executed this transition, ensuring a smooth and seamless connection between the different levels of the home. This architectural choice not only improves the functionality of the space but also adds an element of visual interest and sophistication.

In conclusion, this project exemplifies our commitment to transforming spaces into functional and aesthetically appealing environments. By prioritizing the client's vision, collaborating closely, and incorporating their feedback, we successfully created a home that reflects their unique style and caters to their specific needs. The result is a harmonious blend of creativity, practicality, and style, offering the client and their family an elevated living experience.


Hurworth Road, Darlington

Wrap around, double extension
Open Plan, Play area, Outside hosting space, 
Home office, Increase storage space,
Increase natural light
255m2 / 2744f2
London, United Kingdom

Having recently secured this dated victorian 3-storey terrace property in north london, our client was keen to make full use of the sizeable plot. 


With ambitious goals, we were given a free hand to use the plot to its’ potential and create a dream home for the client and his family. After locking down the size and location of the double back and wrap around extension, we created a separate home office unit at the back of the garden.

By using large windows and a skylights, we’ve made sure that there was ample natural light. Converting the attic and basement into a living spaces, we’ve made full use of every square meter. We also removed the wall separating the front two rooms on the ground floor and created a light and airy open-plan space that also encourages more interaction. Purpose built storage space was spread generously around the house as well as some personal touches chosen by the client such as a Turkish hammam style bath and a sociable cooking style kitchen area which allows for socialising the food being prepared.

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