Oatleys Road, Herefordshire

Open Plan
150m2 / 1614f2
Twickenham, United Kingdom

Our recent project involved the transformation of a medium size Victorian home into a beautiful and functional space that caters to the needs of a dynamic family. The client's vision was to optimize the existing layout, increase natural light, and create designated areas for cooking, dining, family time, work, and entertainment. Additionally, they expressed a desire for better access to the garden, improved views, and the incorporation of their preferred art deco and jungle-inspired aesthetic.

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To begin, our design team focused on enhancing the home's functionality. We devised a layout that maximized the available space, eliminating the issue of people crowding the kitchen doorway. By reconfiguring the rooms, we ensured efficient utilization of every corner, addressing the client's need for multifunctional areas. Furthermore, we resolved the problem of the washing machine being situated by the door, creating an unsightly first impression. A utility room was introduced, providing an organized space for boots, drying clothes, and other practical needs. This addition not only improved the aesthetics but also enhanced the functionality of the home.
An essential aspect of the project was to harness natural light throughout the house. We carefully considered the strategic placement of French windows to optimize the views and welcome the morning sun into various rooms. The result is a seamless connection between the interior and the garden, which the family frequently utilizes for exercise, gardening, and entertainment. The new design not only creates a bright and inviting atmosphere but also provides a delightful transition from the outside to the inside.
In collaboration with the client, we tackled specific challenges to accommodate their requirements. For instance, the inclusion of a proper shower in the main bathroom was crucial. We explored creative alternatives, considering options such as a shower over the tub or a freestanding shower. While preserving the original tub, we redesigned the layout, relocating the washing machine and adjusting the positions of the door, toilet, and bath to optimize the use of space and maintain the client's desired features.
To cater to the client's work-from-home needs, we created separate spaces for both individuals. The existing small bedroom was repurposed into a dedicated home office with a beautiful view of the wildflower lawn and rose arch. This retreat-like environment provides a serene ambiance for work and leisure activities. Additionally, the loft conversion was transformed into a man cave, serving as a secondary workspace and relaxation area for the husband.
Throughout the project, we prioritized collaboration with the client. Their input and feedback played a significant role in shaping the design. We meticulously incorporated their preferences, ensuring the final result reflected their unique style and met their family's requirements. By maintaining open lines of communication and regular consultations, we successfully integrated their vision into the design.
In terms of practicality, we meticulously addressed the family's diverse needs. We allocated space for exercise, incorporating weights in the room above the garage and providing ample room for yoga and other physical activities. Furthermore, we created areas for film nights and board games, promoting quality family time and entertainment.
The kitchen, a central hub of activity, underwent careful consideration. While the idea of relocating it to the back of the sitting room seemed appealing, we explored alternative solutions that would work better within the existing space. We ensured that the design allowed for the inclusion of the client's beloved bar stools while eliminating their dislike of having the washing machine in the kitchen.
Keeping the client's budget in mind, we provided them with multiple alternatives and carefully compared each option's feasibility and cost. We acknowledged the significance of the original open fire in the sitting room, preserving it as a cherished feature that adds charm to the Victorian home. By maintaining a collaborative approach and incorporating the client's reservations and preferences, we ensured the final design aligned with their vision.


Hurworth Road, Darlington

Wrap around, double extension
Open Plan, Play area, Outside hosting space, 
Home office, Increase storage space,
Increase natural light
255m2 / 2744f2
London, United Kingdom

Having recently secured this dated victorian 3-storey terrace property in north london, our client was keen to make full use of the sizeable plot. 


With ambitious goals, we were given a free hand to use the plot to its’ potential and create a dream home for the client and his family. After locking down the size and location of the double back and wrap around extension, we created a separate home office unit at the back of the garden.

By using large windows and a skylights, we’ve made sure that there was ample natural light. Converting the attic and basement into a living spaces, we’ve made full use of every square meter. We also removed the wall separating the front two rooms on the ground floor and created a light and airy open-plan space that also encourages more interaction. Purpose built storage space was spread generously around the house as well as some personal touches chosen by the client such as a Turkish hammam style bath and a sociable cooking style kitchen area which allows for socialising the food being prepared.

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