Lindfield Gardens, Hampstead

Space Optimization,
office and a gaming room,
High ceiling / mezzanine
85f2 /918f2
London, United Kingdom

When our client, a young couple from London approached us, they had a clear vision for their home: they wanted to transform their space into a beautiful and functional haven that reflected their vibrant personalities. At BetterSpace, we were thrilled to collaborate with them on this exciting project, using our expertise to optimize the available space and bring their dream home to life.

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The couple desired a versatile layout that would accommodate their lifestyle. The small third bedroom was earmarked as a dual-purpose space, serving as an office for the husband during the day and transforming into a gaming room for leisurely evenings. In the second bedroom, they needed enough room for a cosy double bed. Their main bathroom requirements included a shower and a luxurious tub. Although they preferred separate fixtures, we were prepared to adapt to spatial constraints and find a harmonious solution.

With a passion for art deco and a touch of tropical influence, our challenge was to create a space that blended these styles seamlessly. The property's high ceilings provided a fantastic canvas for us to work with, allowing us to incorporate grand design elements that would amplify the overall aesthetic.

Collaboration with the couple was instrumental in shaping the project. Their feedback and preferences played a pivotal role in our design process. They had expressed a desire to preserve the existing wet room in the master bedroom, appreciating its compact nature and recognizing that space limitations made it unsuitable for a bathtub. We respected their wishes and focused on enhancing its appearance through redecoration.

To optimize the living space, we proposed removing the coat storage, which was obstructing a fireplace. This decision not only revealed a charming architectural feature but also added character to the room. In the kitchen, the couple requested that the bottom of the counter return to its original position, as extending it outward disrupted the flow of the space. Our design team skillfully reconfigured the layout, seamlessly integrating the counter and ensuring a harmonious transition between the kitchen and the adjoining areas.

The couple loved the idea of a bath and shower combination, but we took their vision one step further. We proposed a sunken tub and shower, creating a unique focal point that exuded opulence and sophistication. This design element brought an unexpected touch of grandeur to the space, elevating it beyond their expectations.

In the third bedroom, we conceptualized a versatile mezzanine design that perfectly catered to the couple's needs. The top of the mezzanine served as a functional office space, providing a private and inspiring area for productive work. Meanwhile, the bottom portion was transformed into a cosy gaming and lounging space, offering the perfect retreat for relaxation and entertainment.

Throughout the entire project, our focus was on creating a practical space that seamlessly aligned with the couple's lifestyle and design preferences. Our commitment to optimizing functionality, while never compromising on aesthetics, ensured a harmonious balance between beauty and purpose.


Hurworth Road, Darlington

Wrap around, double extension
Open Plan, Play area, Outside hosting space, 
Home office, Increase storage space,
Increase natural light
255m2 / 2744f2
London, United Kingdom

Having recently secured this dated victorian 3-storey terrace property in north london, our client was keen to make full use of the sizeable plot. 


With ambitious goals, we were given a free hand to use the plot to its’ potential and create a dream home for the client and his family. After locking down the size and location of the double back and wrap around extension, we created a separate home office unit at the back of the garden.

By using large windows and a skylights, we’ve made sure that there was ample natural light. Converting the attic and basement into a living spaces, we’ve made full use of every square meter. We also removed the wall separating the front two rooms on the ground floor and created a light and airy open-plan space that also encourages more interaction. Purpose built storage space was spread generously around the house as well as some personal touches chosen by the client such as a Turkish hammam style bath and a sociable cooking style kitchen area which allows for socialising the food being prepared.

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