Danes Way Oxshott

Back extension, New facade, Open plan space
Roof extension
375m2 / 4036f2
Surrey, United Kingdom

Nestled in the charming suburban village of Elmbridge, our client’s family of four was seeking to expand their living space while preserving the traditional aesthetic of their home.

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They desired a spacious open-plan living area on the ground floor that would be perfect for hosting guests and spending quality family time.

Our design team proposed a solution that would see a single-story, 5-meter extension to the rear stretching as far back as the garage.
The staircase was repositioned to allow light to travel from the top of the house to the bottom, creating an airy atmosphere throughout the house.
The ground floor features two entrances, one for guests and the other for the family, with a mudroom connected to the family entrance for cleaning up muddy shoes and paws.
The kitchen was designed to cater to the family's love for cooking and entertaining, with an open-plan design and a large island for socialising.


The client’s storage needs were also considered, and extra storage spaces were added throughout the design.

We also designed a new roof extension, 2.5 meters higher than the existing ridge line, with a separate supplier removing the existing roof and installing a new one.
The roof has three dormer windows of the same style as the sash windows. The renovation project took into account the client’s future needs, with the family planning to stay in the house for the next 5+ years, including the growing up of their children.
The project's most important drivers were cohesion and proportion, with the family desiring a renovation that would look like it belonged to the original house.

Hurworth Road, Darlington

Wrap around, double extension
Open Plan, Play area, Outside hosting space, 
Home office, Increase storage space,
Increase natural light
255m2 / 2744f2
London, United Kingdom

Having recently secured this dated victorian 3-storey terrace property in north london, our client was keen to make full use of the sizeable plot. 


With ambitious goals, we were given a free hand to use the plot to its’ potential and create a dream home for the client and his family. After locking down the size and location of the double back and wrap around extension, we created a separate home office unit at the back of the garden.

By using large windows and a skylights, we’ve made sure that there was ample natural light. Converting the attic and basement into a living spaces, we’ve made full use of every square meter. We also removed the wall separating the front two rooms on the ground floor and created a light and airy open-plan space that also encourages more interaction. Purpose built storage space was spread generously around the house as well as some personal touches chosen by the client such as a Turkish hammam style bath and a sociable cooking style kitchen area which allows for socialising the food being prepared.

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